Masiyephambili Junior School Play

Masiyephambili Junior School is ever developing to meet the challenges associated with growth. To celebrate the commissioning of the school hall, children take part in the school play.

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Sports at Masiyephambili Junior School

Students at Masiyephambili Junior School in Zimbabwe can take part in various sports including Hockey, swimming, tennis and soccer.

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Masiyephambili Junior School

Masiyephambili Junior School is a leading co-educational primary school in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe's second largest city.

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Masiyephambili Prize Giving Day

Masiyephambili Junior School, a primary school in Zimbabwe, takes the education of students seriously. At the end of each school year, we look back and reward our achievers.

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Valentine's day at Masiyephambili

Valentine’s Day is the most popular event of the year for our pupils as they get to showcase the different styles of dressing with red and white being the main colours. ln recognition of Valentine’s Day, Mr and Miss Valentine competition was held at the school . Our pupils looked spectacular and absolutely gorgeous in red and white.

ECD Graduation

Our Early Childhood Development graduation and speech &prize giving day for grade one and two .Early childhood is the most important phase for overall development throughout the child’s lifespan..Early childhood is a time of remarkable physical and emotional development and as such the school set to recognise the first steps towards the final graduation as teachers, doctors, engineers, pilots, to mention just a few professions.

Africa Day Celebrations

Besides the usual athletics as in most schools in On the 25th of May we celebrated Africa day whose aim is to celebrate the African diversity and to highlight the different cultures in Africa. On this day pupils put on attire representing different cultures in Africa. There were performances of different dances and food items on display.

Grannies Day

As a school we show appreciation and recognition to our elderly and the important role that they play in our children’s lives. Grannies were taken from various homes around the city centre and driven to the school were the infants had prepared some interesting activities for them.

I cannot imagine myself enjoying myself at any other school in Zimbabwe besides Masiyephambili Junior School - Sibongile Ndlovu, Grade 5 pupil.